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Consultation Type Prices
First Visit $80
Subsequent follow-up $40

Retinal Surgery/Procedure Prices
Scleral Buckle surgery $4000-$5000
Vitrectomy surgery $4000-$5000
Retinal diode laser $1500-$2000

Cataract Surgery/ Procedure Prices
Pre-op consult + biometry calculations $180-$200
Phacoemulsification surgery (per eye)

(Professional fees + Monofocal Intraocular lens only)
-exclude pre-op consult, facility fees, anesthetist fees, medications and GST.
Yag laser $900-$1500

Refractive Surgery Prices
Pre-LASIK evaluation $80
Conventional LASIK surgery package $2000
Tissue-Saving LASIK package $2000
Zyoptix Aspheric LASIK surgery package $3000
EPI-LASIK surgery package $4000
Presbyopia LASIK package $5000

* Package prices includes:

  • Pre LASIK evaluation
  • LASIK surgery
  • Immediate post op medications
  • 3 post-operative follow-up
  • Enhancement surgery within 2 years if necessary

*All the above stated prices are before GST charges.