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What is a Cataract?
A cataract is a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye. This is usually due to aging (getting old!). When the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, images of objects become blur. A cataract can be the reason sharp images become blurred, bright colours become dull and glare/haloes at night. Vision with cataracts has been described as seeing life through a "dirty window".

However, there are other reasons why an elderly person can't see well and before attributing it to cataract formation in the eyes, it is best to see an eye surgeon for a thorough check up as there are other causes for poor vision such as age related macula degeneration.

What can I do if I have cataracts?
The best way to treat cataract is with surgery that removes the old, clouded lens and replaces it with a new, artificial lens to restore the vision. For elderly patients, this often significantly improves the quality of life and prevents accidents/falls.

What is cataract surgery?
At Total EyeCare Center we use the latest method of cataract surgery-- using small incision sutureless phacoemulsification cataract surgery. This method uses a special machine which emits high frequency ultrasound waves to dissolve the cataract ---the dissolved cataract is removed and a folded artificial lens is inserted through the same incision to replace the lens and vision is restored.

Singapore Cataract Surgical Center

  1. Diagnostic equipment available:
  2. Carl Zeiss IOL Master

  3. Singapore Cataract Surgical Center Operating Theatre equipment:

  4. - Alcon Infinity Phacoemulsification machine
    - Carl Zeiss operating microscope

Features and advantages of small incision sutureless phacoemulsification cataract surgery

  1. For simple uncomplicated cataract surgery for normal eyes, the success rate is 99-100% and the risk of blindness is 1 in 5,000 surgeries.
  2. It is a Day Surgery which takes about 10-15 minutes.
    There is no need to stay in hospital after the surgery.
  3. It is Medisave/MediShield Claimable for Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents.
  4. The artificial lens inserted in the eye is permanent and there is no need to remove the lens for cleaning.
  5. Vision is usually quite clear the next day after surgery.

Types of Lens implant used in cataract surgery
Total EyeCare Center uses the ALCON lenses. These cataract replacement lenses are made in the USA. All Alcon lenses are specially designed with ultraviolet radiation filters inbuilt into the lens material that screen off harmful ultraviolet radiation. The types of lens available:
1. MonoFocal Lens (IQ) This is used to restore good functional distance vision.
2. Toric Lens (AcrySof TORIC) This lens are designed to correct corneal astigmatism up to 200 degrees.
3. MultiFocal Lens (RESTOR) This specially designed lens provides both distance and near focusing ability.

Refractive surgery post cataract surgery?
If you are found to be suitable only to use the MonoFocal Lens (IQ) for your cataract replacement lens you have the option of doing refractive surgery if you do not wish to wear glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery. You can opt for LASIK Surgery and it is best to go for a thorough eye examination/LASIK consultation with their eye surgeons as not every patient is suitable and this is best discussed carefully with their individual surgeons.